November 5, 2020

Top Theories about the Lost City of Atlantis

Atlantis was fictional but the accounts of a world-wide Deluge were true

Plato makes numerous references to a great deluge occurring thousands of years before his time that destroyed almost the whole world, leaving only a tiny fragment of humanity left to repopulate the globe and start civilization anew. The story of Atlantis, then, while itself a manifestation of Plato’s fertile imagination, may have been inspired by a real historical event—in this case, a massive global flood—that may have taken place ten thousand years before he was born. Could this be some distant memory of the end of the last Ice Age, when global ocean levels rose by hundreds of feet in just a few centuries, submerging entire landmasses in the process, embellished through each retelling, or could it have been something else (such as a meteor strike in the ocean that produced enormous devastation throughout the world?)