November 15, 2020

Secret Ingredients in Everyday Food

Viruses In Lunch Meat

It’s no secret that lunch meats are packed full of sodium and fat. It’s a trade off that we make so that we can have delicious sandwiches. Those preservatives also allow that meat to stay good for so long. But what if we told you that many of those deli meats are being sprayed with live viruses?

That seemingly horrifying additive actually is intended to protect us. The Food and Drug Administration has allowed a mixture of six viruses to be sprayed on some lunch meats to protect against Listeria monocytogenes, which is a particularly nasty bacteria that can occur in those foods and causes many cases of food poisoning and even death each year. The good news is that the additive is only harmful to that kind of bacteria, and only attacks those kinds of cells. Meaning, you can still eat fistfuls of that salami, knowing that viruses are protecting you, and indeed already naturally inhabit your digestive tract.