November 15, 2020

Secret Ingredients in Everyday Food

Worcestershire Sauce Is Made With Anchovies

Worcestershire is a unique sauce that many people use to enhance the flavor of beef, pork, or chicken. It has an unmistakable salty earthiness that is the end product of a mixture of some very unorthodox ingredients. Among them are molasses, vinegar, and corn syrup, some things you might not necessarily imagine putting on your steak.

But one of the ingredients that you probably wouldn’t think to put in a liquidy steak sauce is anchovies. Yes, those tiny little fish that are the joke of pizza toppings are kept in wooden casks, topped with vinegar, and left to ferment for a year and a half. During that time inosinate, a chemical that releases a savory flavor, is released. That singular umami flavor is what makes the sauce so unique, even if it is ground up fermented fish.