November 15, 2020

Secret Ingredients in Everyday Food

So Many Foods Have Sawdust In Them

Have you ever wondered just how your shredded cheeses keep from turning into a stuck-together mess? You could shred your own cheese at home, and at no point is it ever as free-flowing as that bagged cheddar is at the supermarket. The answer, our friends, lies in the trees.

That’s right. The “anti-caking” agents found in so many foods are derived from cellulose, which is a kind of plant fiber. One of the main sources of plant fiber is ground-up wood pulp. Cellulose is also present in many other items, like bottled condiment sauces and fast food restaurant sandwiches. It would be one thing if it added nutrition, but cellulose passes right through our bodies without being absorbed. Scientists say that we could produce this plant fiber from almost anything other than trees, but that it would cost too much and waste too much good food. So enjoy your sawdust.