December 7, 2020

Popular Foods That No Longer Exist

Crowd-pleasing grub often creates a cult-like following only to suddenly disappear faster than you can say, ‘Jim Jones.’ Although occasionally an item will re-emerge on store shelves (Dunkaroos, anyone?), most discontinued faves are typically replaced by newer offerings in a shinier package, providing yet another gut-wrenching reminder that nothing lasts forever.

That said, join us in a hearty nostalgic stroll down the supermarket aisle, wheeling a shopping cart full of treasured treats that defy time immemorial.

Sugar Smacks

As the Cold War played out during the 1950s, a different kind of battle took place in homes across America to command the kitchen table. Top brass at Kellogg’s devised a bold strategy that would unleash the most powerful weapon ever launched in breakfast warfare: Sugar Smacks.

Containing a whopping 56% sugar by weight, the heavily sweetened puffed wheat delivered ammo capable of sending a polar bear into diabetic shock. The food giant also used a creepy clown as its mascot that somehow managed to appear both menacing and whimsical in the fight to win over customers.

The product would undergo numerous permutations before gradually being phased out and replaced by the slightly less toxic Honey Smacks and a spokes-frog named “Dig ‘Em.” It’s also worth noting that several studies have shown sugar to be as addictive as cocaine and opiates. Additionally, ‘smack’ is a common slang term for heroin. Just sayin.’