December 7, 2020

Popular Foods That No Longer Exist

Pink Panther Flakes

For those of a certain age, sugar-fueled memories of munching a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons are inextricably linked. The connection can be summed up in two words: predatory marketing.

Brands such as Post aggressively targeted young audiences by co-sponsoring Saturday morning TV shows like The Pink Panther with a product tie-in. Post would also employ similar strategies with beloved characters from The Flintstones and The Smurfs that usually contained a nifty toy inside the cereal box.

Launched in 1973, Pink Panther Flakes were run-of-the-mill sugar-coated corn flakes in a neon, bubblegum-pink hue — coloring that dissolved almost instantly after adding milk, resulting in a soggy, maize mush. Regardless, the brand excelled for over two decades, bolstered in part by the well-known Pink Panther movie theme song by Henry Mancini, a jingle that originated with the movie franchise starring Peter Sellers.