December 7, 2020

Popular Foods That No Longer Exist

Baron Von Redberry

Another cavity-inducing breakfast cereal from the 1970s, Baron Von Redberry was a spoof on legendary German WWI ace Manfred Von Richtofen, aka “The Red Baron.” The berry-flavored oats with red marshmallows transformed milk into crimson-stained bath and accompanied by the clunky catchphrase, “Baron Von Redberry is der berry goodest!”

General Mills (the manufacturer, not an actual military officer) co-promoted the brand with a similar product called Sir Grapefellow, substituting a purple concoction and a British bi-plane aviator mascot. The marketing had little to do with educating children about the bloody carnage of the Great War, but instead offered dubious claims of “vitamin-charged!” and the lure of enticing prizes found inside the package. “Tally ho!”