April 15, 2021

Challenges and Opportunities in Online College Courses:Interactive, Customized And Data-driven

Challenges and Opportunities in Online College Courses:Interactive, Customized And Data-driven

During the epidemic of COVID-19, the demand for distance education is surging. We are accelerating into a different world where people get used to communicating, learn, and work through the internet. Such a world only appeared in the science fiction novel. Now, it is around the corner. So, let’s probe into some fundamental questions about the online-education. How much will it change our world?

The Essence of the Online-Education

Online education requires human interaction. It is designed to satisfy every student. More than that, we must have the right tools to give students digital or informational feedback in real-time. At the level of application of new technologies, what is most critical is not so much that there are new technologies generated, but how we can better apply those new technologies.

What Kinds of Applications and Technologies Will Come Along?

First, artificial intelligence is extremely critical. This is because it can be enhanced using technology, optimizing many aspects of education. In particular, students will be able to accurately track their learning progress and receive timely feedback through AI-enabled education in real-time. Secondly, virtual reality and augmented reality will also play value in distance education. Students get a more immersive experience without having to leave the house.

What Kind of Bottlenecks and Uncertainties Will We Face?

People tend to think that new technology is cool and dazzling, so they spend money on it. It’s installed in the school and no one is in charge of it. What we need to know is how does this new technology work in this school? There should be such an evaluation program in charge of sustainable tracking. That’s why people are developing ISTE standards. ISTE student standards and educator standards are meant to prompt students and teachers to apply technology in the right direction, or to apply technology in a certain form. If not in this direction, maybe technology-assisted education is not very effective.

Will Distance Education Later Replace the Traditional Education of Today?

Online education will not replace offline education, and technology itself will not replace teachers. On the other hand, teachers must be proficient in using new technology. Those who can actively embrace this trend will outdate those who refuse to open their eyes to see such a promising world.