June 16, 2021

Top 5 Fancy Mid-Size Cars in 2020. BMW

3 Integrates High Performance and Cost-effectiveness

With the increase of income level, consumers pay increasing attention to mid-size cars. The mid-size cars integrate practicability, performance, and comfortability. They have bigger internal space compared with small vehicles, and they are easier to park compared with big-size cars. The English media AUTOCAR made a list of several popular mid-size models in 2020. Below is the introduction of some models on the list.

BMW 3 Series

The English media believes that BMW 3 series has won considerable attention by its reliable manoeuverability. Hybrid cars also give better performance and efficiency. The appearance of the BMW 3 series is still fascinating with luxurious interior trim and high-tech feeling. BMW 3 series has increased its comfortability. Drivers can feel the intense joy of manoeuverability. Under the BMW 3 series, 325i and 325Li have become the supreme models integrating high performance and cost-effectiveness.

Alfa Romeo — Giulia

The English media believes that Giulia represents the glorious return of Alfa Romeo. Giulia enjoys flexible controlling performance. However, the interior trim and the recreation system are unsatisfactory. Giulia boasts Italian-style elegance with a high distinctiveness, a robust chassis, and excellent comfortableness. As an imported vehicle, its price is relatively high compared with its peers. Giulia cannot rival BBA in the interior trim, space expression, and chassis robustness.

Mercedes-Benz C-class

Compared with other mid-size vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is more willing to make C-class a small S-class vehicle integrating delicacy and luxury. Mercedes-Benz C-class enjoys unrivalled performance in design, luxury, delicacy and comfortableness. However, Mercedes-Benz C-class has a relatively weak power system. The 1.5T power system may not be a perfect choice for people enjoying sports cars.

Tesla Model 3

The English media believes that Tesla Model 3 enjoys a high performance-price ratio. It boasts excellent ADAS, eye-catching interior trim, and streamlined appearance. Sales are quite good globally. The impressive design, sci-tech feeling, and power system made Tesla Model 3 a great model. However, Model 3 is at a disadvantage in the level of luxury, and Model 3 still has a long way to go regarding its quality of interior trim. Model 3’s limited range makes it the second or the third choice for family-use vehicles.


Volvo S60 has slim and elegant bodywork. The unique LED lights add more distinctiveness to the car. Volvo S60 also enjoys excellent performance in power systems and comfortableness. It integrates the fascinating appearance and refreshing interior trim. The substantial application of environmental-friendly material and the air filtering system ensures the clean and fresh air inside the vehicle. However, Volvo S60 cannot rival its peers regarding space expression.